Lake of the Woods Adult Learning Line

Students of The Adult Learning Line

Literacy and Basic Skills programs focus on adults who are:


  • unemployed, with special emphasis on people receiving social assistance
  • employed Ontarians who need to improve their literacy skills in order to maintain or upgrade their work skills
  • seeking further education and training to move onto college preparation, credit courses and non-credit
  • looking to upgrade their skills for personal independence


What Is Your Learning Style?

Do these points describe you?


  • Like to work on your own.
  • Are good at finishing projects.
  • Can use a computer and the Internet.
  • Have people who can help if you get stuck.
  • Would find it hard to get to a scheduled class (live far away, have work or family to care for).
  • If so, online learning may be right for you. Try it.


Focus of Our Learning

Learners must be:


  •  19 years of age or older
  • without the literacy skills necessary to find and keep a job, or to meet everyday needs
  • out of school
  • able to progress


Choosing Our Program

If you learn better:


  • in a small group
  • with a teacher with instructions and immediate feedback
  • from talking with other students,
  • and can attend classes...
  • may want to call us at the Lake of the Woods Adult Learning Line to learn more about our literacy services.