Lake of the Woods Adult Learning Line

About The Lake of the Woods Adult Learning Line

The Lake of the Woods Adult Learning Line is a Literacy and Basic Skills Program which is free to adults 19 years and older who want to improve their reading, writing, math and basic computer skills.  We are one of the partners of Employment Ontario.

Our Goals

  • To teach adults to read, write, basic numeracy skills, and computer skills to bring them to a functoinal level of literacy.
  • To help adults determine their long-term goals and assist them with their imediate learning needs.
  • To bring awareness to the problems associated with lower literacy rates in the wider communtiy and to seek community support.

Why Do People Attend Our Program?

Many of our students face communication barriers and difficulty with daily tasks involving basic literacy skills.  This leads to problems finding rewarding careers or restricts promotion within their current job.  Their current skillset holds them back from acheiving their goals and impacts life in the community.  We are here to help our students reach their goals.

Partners and Sponsors

Our program is funded by the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities and relies on the kindness of other organizations and individuals for fundraising.  For more information about our partners and sponsors, please refer to our Annual Report.

Customer Service Charter

This charter outlines the standards of service you can expect for our individual clients, volunteers and the general community.

Our Service commitment is to provide:


  • Current information on all programs and services for employment and training in your community
  • A high quality service to our clients, delivered in a courteous and respectful manner
  • Service in a timely manner-responding to phone call queries within 1 business day of receipt
  • Service in a manner that is respectful of your need to make informed choices
  • An environment free from discrimination for staff, clients and volunteers
  • Privacy, by ensuring your personal information is kept confidential, according to our privacy policy.


Finding Us

Our offices and classroom are located in the Chipman building across the street from Market Square in downtown Kenora, Ontario.

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